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Store 420 - Kitchener, ON

Purchased in 2013 for $25,436.00. I would like $13,000.00 for it.

It is fully updated to include 2018 models and is in excellent condition. All slip plates and accessories are included in the price.

There is no warranty remaining on this alignment machine. I will guarantee it is in great working condition.

The alignment lift is a space logic TLSS14ALOR it was also purchased in 2013 for $29,400.00. I would like $13,000.00 for it. It has been well maintained and is used with this Hoffman Alignment Machine. I will offer a price of $23,000.00 as a package price. The hoist has no warranty but is in great working order

Alignment Machine Model # EEWA715B - $13,000.00

Alignment Lift Model # TLSS14ALOR - $13,000.000

"Package Deal" for both Items - $23,000.00

Brian Draves
Canadian Tire #420 - Kitchener, ON

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