A/C & Coolant

Polartek YF AC Machine

EEAC333 348Recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak tests and recharges R-1234yf systems quickly and accurately.

RED TEK® Program

RedTek 100RED TEK® products are established providers of environmentally friendly freon replacement hydrocarbon refrigerants, lubricants, and corrosion inhibitors for cooling systems.

Refrigerant Management Centre

FX30302 348FX Series line of Refrigerant Management Centre that quickly and efficiently recover, recycle, and recharge automotive AC systems.

Coolant Fluid Exchange Machine

EW76501 348The Wynn’s Coolant Exchange Machine helps extend the life of the cooling system components by keeping it clean and functioning.

Pneumatic Coolant Machine

EW30001 348The Wynn’s Pneumatic Coolant Machine provides a faster, more efficient preferred way of performing a coolant drain and fill service.