FX30302 348CPS 100
FX Series line of Refrigerant Management Centres that quickly and efficiently recover, recycle, and recharge automotive AC systems.

Revolutionary Technology:

  • Supports multiple languages/UOM
  • A/C Systems capacity database included
  • Quickly access all functions from the main screen
  • Car health mode enables printing a snap-shot of system pressures & performance, before and after a service


  • 7” Color touch screen control panel
  • Motor-controlled ball valves
  • 1-2-5 Warranty
  • Hybrid compatible
  • Displays maximum load up to 220 lbs.(up to 100 kg)
  • Foam-filled wheels
  • Refrigerant Management System monitors filter life and refrigerant usage
  • Patented unique, fast and complete refrigerant change over system

Model # FX3030 - For use on R134a & R1234yf systems.

Other Models Available

Model # FX1234 - For use on R1234yf systems

Model # FX134A - For use on R134a systems