BSTQST300 348
BartecNEW 100
Keep your complex scan tool working on higher-paying, more complicated service work and use the QST300 instead.

Simple to set up and easy to operate, the QST300 resets the Change Oil light, relaxes the rear electronic parking brake, and registers new batteries upon installation.


  • Relaxes the electronic parking brakes
  • Resets the oil service light
  • Re-calibrates battery installs
  • Validate and relearn a battery in minutes
  • Relaxes the Electronic Parking Brakes for proper pad replacement and code clearing
  • Quickly reset the oil light life management system
  • Easy to read display can be viewed in direct sunlight
  • No batteries or charging necessary, tool is powered by the vehicle
  • 1 year tool software included
  • 1 year tool warranty

Model # BSTQST300

BSQST300 Kit2 348