EEMS342 348
SnapOn 100

The Snap-on Zeus™ provides fast, easy access to expert information and features built-in WiFi and wireless scan module for the freedom to work anywhere in the bay. Thin and lightweight with a user-friendly tablet style design, the high resolution display also serves as a touchscreen and provides Techs with OEM-specific coverage for over 40 domestic, Asian and European makes and dozens of vehicle systems. In just 5 seconds the Zeus™ is powered up and ready to go with an extended 5 hour battery life delivering the latest information and technical bulletins straight from the manufacturers.

Features and benefits:

  • New-generation Zeus™ design with thin tablet and large 10 inch capacitive touchscreen with 1280x800 high-resolution display for precise detail
  • Boots from cold in about a minute; powers up from Ready Mode in just 5 seconds
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Internet browser to access your choice of information resources wirelessly
  • Bluetooth® to stay connected to the vehicle and the internet while moving freely around the service bay
  • 64GB solid-state drive and a Quad-core Intel® Celeron® processor, and factory-installed Microsoft® antivirus and security essentials for secure operation
  • Integrated diagnostic suite: scan, scope, Fast Track® component tests, SureTrack®
  • Scan for vehicle fault codes / diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • OEM TSBs specifically related to the vehicle and DTC
  • “Smart Data” automatically configures the display to show vehicle data parameters (PIDs) relevant to the fault code. Non-related data parameters are filtered out, to save you time
  • Highlights vehicle data that is out of expected range
  • Functional tests to verify component operation; Reset procedures to complete the repair after component replacement. Only those that pertain to that fault code are shown
  • Guided Component Tests, filtered to show those suggested relevant to the DTC
  • Integrated diagnostic suite for fast, easy navigation: scan tool, lab scope, Guided Component Tests, SureTrack® expert information, TSBs, oil specs & resets, data manager, optional ShopKey® Pro
  • Vehicle System Report shows all fault codes, readiness monitors in a customer-friendly format. Helps to sell services and communicate with customer
  • Compact Scan Module is cordless, wireless, easy to carry and conveniently out of the way when connected
  • One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan & Clear quickly checks and clears codes for all available modules on the vehicle
  • OEM diagnostic functions, tests and coverage previously found only in expensive factory tools
  • Modular, dockable lab/ignition scope/meter with 9 ft. USB cable for portability and reach
  • Exclusive Fast-Track® Guided Component Tests show what to test, how to connect and what results to look for - avoids unnecessary parts replacement

Model # EEMS342ISVP3

Optional Accessories:

Model #



OBD-I adapter kit


Precision Low Amps Probe