EEWS342PUU 348
SnapOn 100

The first tool to feature Snap-on® Intelligent Diagnostics software, ZEUS™ provides all the functions and repair tips you need to diagnose, repair and manage any issue. But unlike any tool before, it guides you through every step you need to find the solution. Available with 3-year software subscription.

ZEUS™ Intelligent Diagnostics WorkStation Includes:

  • ZEUS™ platform with access to Intelligent Diagnostics software*
  • 5-drawer locking roll cart for mobility and security
  • Three custom-fit molded organizers for ZEUS™ standard accessories and optional accessories
  • Gloss Black with matching painted top and Titanium trim
  • Sliding top for easy access with flat work surface
  • 27" touchscreen flat-panel LED monitor
  • Tilting monitor bracket for flexible viewing position
  • Heavy-duty soft grip handle
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • ZEUS™ docking/charging station
  • Cushioned corners and handle protects WorkStation and vehicles
  • Cord management system with cord wrap

Model # EEMS342ISVP3

Optional Accessories:

Model #



OBD-I adapter kit


Precision Low Amps Probe