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JohnBean 100
14k Four Post Alignment Lifts give you 14,000 lbs of heavy-duty lifting capacity in a compact package with no need for multiple lifts.

Whether it is a micro car or a heavy-duty pick-up, the 14k Four Post Alignment Lift has four wheel alignment capabilities that cover a full range of vehicle requirements. Industry leading 90" long rear slip plates eliminate time-consuming repositioning of front turnplates to accommodate shorter and longer vehicles during four wheel alignment adjustments.

Lock & Lighted Models - Increase productivity by locking turnplates and slip plates simultaneously, ensure proper amount of movement in all directions to ease alignment inspections and adjustment, included a patented lighting system that is mounted to the front turnplates and rear slip plates to accommodate varying vehicle track widths, and feature crisp clean white lights that reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Easy Access to Alignment Service and Calibration - Open front design allows the technician clear access to suspension, brake and alignment components making the adjustment and repair simple.

Low Drive-on Height - Drive-on height of 7" allows for shorter approach ramps while maintaining an easy approach angle.

Fiber Wound Bushings - Excel under high pressures, low revolution conditions and are self-lubricating, eliminating downtime due to seized bearings.

Innovative Cable Break Lock - Uses reliable compression spring activation to reduce maintenance, compared to traditional tension springs that stretch and deform.

Model # JBEELR509A