JBEELR501A 348
JohnBean 100
Now available with Locks and Lights. Scissor lifts are great for alignments because they vehicle’s wheels are more accessible than with 4-post lifts. Scissor lifts also use less floor space. Five scissor lifts fit into the same operating space as four 4-post lifts!

All John Bean 14K Scissor Alignment Lifts have:

  • Triple safety systems with air-actuated mechanical locks
  • Twin interlocking mechanical safeties with 18 level and locked positions
  • Large, 72”, flush-mount, full-floating rear slip plates that are virtually maintenance-free
  • Open access front-to-rear between runways
  • Two work steps with 8 positions, allowing easy access for under-hood services
  • A low-profile design with 50” approach ramps
  • Flush-mount models available
  • Integrated air kit for Roller Jacks and air tools
  • Met ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 standards

Model # JB4814605AF

Model # JBEELR593A - Lights and Locks

JBEELR501A 348
The John Bean 12k Scissor Alignment Lift is a rugged 12,000 lb capacity scissor alignment lift with open front design that provides easy access to alignment service and calibration areas.

“Pro-Style” 24" wide runways provide easy drive-on for large vehicles. Hydraulic equalization and full support rear member deliver repeatable smooth level lifting. Flush mounted rear slip plates with heavy-duty encapsulated bearings support and offer smooth movement to ease rear alignment adjustments.


  • Reinforced 24" Pro-Style runways with non-skid surface accommodates a wide vehicle range
  • Open front design provides easy access to alignment service and calibration areas of vehicles
  • Smooth lift operation - gliding bearings are captured providing durable smooth lift operation
  • Adjustable turn plate pocket depth ensures level positioning of turn plates
  • Secondary lifting provides two powerful 6,000 lb capacity air/hydraulic jacks
  • Unique approach ramps expands from 59" to 76", easing loading of lower profile vehicles
  • Flush mounted rear slip plates include heavy-duty encapsulated bearings to ease rear alignment adjustments

Durable Compact Design

  • Utilizes less space than conventional four post lifts
  • Lifts straight up - no for or aft movement
  • Compact, enclosed control console
  • Quad counterpoised lifting system with four heavy-duty cylinders to maintain a constant level from floor to full cylinders to maintain a constant level from floor to full lift height with reinforcing rear mounted cross member

Multiple Safety Systems for Maximum Operated Protection

  • Auto engaging mechanical locks
  • Cross linked hydraulic circuit to four lifting cylinders
  • Hydraulic flow valves
  • Dual engaging twin interlocking serriform mechanical safety racks with pneumatic release
  • Conforms with current ANSI/ALI ALCTV:2011 lift standard

Model # JBEELR501A