EW87501 348
wynns 100
Extending the life of a transmission has just been made easier with the Wynn’s Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine with Dipstick Mode providing ability to service most vehicles.


  • Cooler Line & Dipstick Exchange Modes
  • Quart Counter (1-20 Quarts)
  • Power Interruption Memory
  • Complete Transmission Drainage for Filter Change
  • Integrated Additive Injection
  • Full Evacuation of Waste Fluid
  • Proven, Accurate Fluid Measurement (+/-3%)
  • Separate Add/Remove Fluid Buttons
  • Voltmeter
  • Large Back-Lit Trilingual LCD Display with Operational Prompts
  • Standard & Metric Measuring Options
  • Clear Service Hoses for Visual Fluid Flow
  • Adapter Drainage-Style Rack
  • Convenient, Portable Roll-Around Unit

Model # EW87501