luberator 2016 348
hernick 100
A Clean, Safe Workplace

DRAINS and STORES OVER 25 USED OIL FILTERS. Convenient handles on the collector bin makes disposing of collected filters Neat and Easy.

Large capacity gravity type waste oil drain complete with double diaphragm pump discharge adapter.


  • Tells you when it’s full - never overflows
  • Over sized telescopic bowl
  • Up to 20 oil change jobs, holding tank for waste oil (81 litres).
  • Economical
  • Large work table
  • 3” oil impervious casters

Model # JH9200W - with used filter disposal package

Model # JH9200 - Basic model (not shown)

Luberator_feature1_348 Luberator_feature2_348
NEW DESIGN provides a quick and convenient
method of disposing of used oil filters.
Optional Accessories
Model # Description
Jh8067 Double diaphragm discharge pump kit
JH9113 Air operated and regulated cartridge grease gun with flex whip
JH1258 26” bowl adapter accommodates automatic transmission work
JH9343 Coupler waste oil evacuation system (female hose)
JH8245 Waste Filter Drain / Collector - Retrofit Adapter