SI PKGPlus 1 348
canbuilt 100
The CBSIPKGPlus kit contains all tools mandated for safety inspection certifications.

The Panther aimer accurately aims all vehicles, models and years, all headlamps including Xenon, LED and HID. Meets and exceeds the SAE J600 International Standard and performs to all D.O.T. and M.O.T. required specification in Canada. All the gauges in this package are digital and conform to current ministry requirements.

The package includes:

  1. Panther Head Light Aimer: Model # CBOPT5405
    and Headlight protector cover: Model # CBOPT5500
  2. Digital Rotor Caliper: Model # CBSI660RG
  3. Digital Tread Depth Gauge: Model # CBSI090DG
  4. Digital Brake Drum Caliper: Model # CBSI658DC
  5. Window Tint Meter: Model # CBSI200TNT
  6. Digital Ball Joint Gauge: Model # CBSI105BJ

Model # CBSIPKGPlus