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CARS Complete Training - Training and Service You Can Trust

CARS OnDemand: delivers up-to-date automotive technical and business training to your entire shop via Internet! CARS is an industry leader in the automotive training business with over twenty years of experience creating some of the most dynamic and relevant training available.

CARS OnDemand courses are presented in OnDemand video-based lessons, hosted by licensed technicians working in real shop environments. Our team of writers and presenters have decades of real-world experience. Our training content is constantly being updated to help you keep up with changes in technology, covering everything from air conditioning, electrical diagnostics, brakes, hybrids, emissions, powertrain and chassis. CARS OnDemand offers training for all areas of the automotive shop, including technicians, installers, frontline staff, management and sales.

CARS OnDemand lessons are easy to follow, showing hands-on demonstrations with the vehicles coming into your shop today. Each lesson is accompanied with a Student Learning Guide, providing additional info that can be taken back to the shop floor. Participants receive a certificate upon successful completion of a course. Training can be taken at the shop, at home...anywhere there is an internet connection - It’s easy and convenient!

CARS OnDemand can be accessed via desktop computer or smartphone - you can now take your training anywhere. New training modules are presented in High Definition video - allowing for highly detailed hands-on demonstrations and walkthroughs.

CARSability Needs Assessments: CARS' industry-exclusive assessment tool allows participants to gauge their skills in 36 automotive occupations, including automotive service technician, parts counterperson, service manager and parts sales consultant.

CARSability is unlike exams you remember from high school - you cannot fail a CARSability assessment. Developed with the assistance of hundreds of experts in the automotive aftermarket, CARSability provides personalized, specific training recommendations to allow participants to maximize their training time and earning potential.

CARS Technical Assistance Center (TAC): is your direct line to our telephone-support team of dedicated, licensed automotive repair technicians. Our team has years of experience in domestic, Asian and European makes and models.  CARS TAC Agents are available to assist you 100% of the way through diagnosis and repair, providing wiring diagrams and trouble code charts in addition to live diagnostic assistance.

Looking for Quick tips? CARS TAC Online allows you to search through our internal case database, reviewing real world issues by vehicle year, make and model, and provides TAC Agent recommendations. Resolved cases even point you to related CARS OnDemand training to really help tackle tricky cases.

CARS OnDemand, CARSability and CARS Technical Assistance Center are all included in the CARS Complete Training bundle.

Visit or call toll-free 1-855-813-2101 and prepare to maximize your future!