JBEEWB582AP230 348
JohnBean 100
The B2000P is the only fully-automated diagnostic wheel balancer that offers touchless measurement and analysis.

Fully automatic inputs remove the chance for error and inaccurate results. When combined with precise wheel balancing, the Runout Force Vectoring (RFV) diagnostics assure uniformity based total ride quality.


  • Touch Screen
  • Automatic Balance Measurements
  • Automatic Power Clamp*
  • Runout Measurement
  • Laser Based Runout
  • Automatic 3D Tire Laser Mapping System
  • Automatic Inputs
  • Automated Behind the Spoke Weight Placement

Model # JBEEWB582AP230

*Patented and/or Patent-Pending Features

JBEEWB569AP 348B800P with its automatic balance measurement reduces the time it takes to train new technicians as well as speeds up the time constraints on completing a tire change and balance procedure.

From car dealerships to independent garages, the touchscreen interface will make it easy for technicians to easily see the numbers. When the operator touches the amount of imbalance the wheel automatically indexes to the correct position for weight placement.


  • Touch Screen
  • Profiling Mode – automatically measures distance, width and diameter in under 6 seconds – guaranteeing the fastest floor-to-floor time in the industry
  • Laser dot identifies the optimal weight placement location, accounting for behind-spoke tape-weight placement, as appropriate
  • Weight Wizard* software tracks wheel weight usage over time to optimize future purchasing – buy only what you actually use!
  • Power Clamp feature improves clamping consistency and reduces floor-to-floor cycle time

Model # JBEEWB569AP Touch screen 110v

Model # JBEEWB569AP230 Touch screen 220v

* Patented and/or Patent-Pending Feature

JBEEWB568AP 348The John Bean B600P is the ideal solution for high-volume workshops featuring short balancing cycle, fast data entry and easyWeight.

Short Balancing Cycle

The extremely short balancing cycle (start/stop)of 4.5 seconds as well as automatic rim width acquisition via Smart Sonar together with rim diameter and offset measurement via 2D-SAPE makes this balancer the ideal solution for high-volume workshops.


A laster pointer allows fast, accurate and easy positioning of adhesive weights on the wheel. By indicating weight location on the bottom of the rim, the operator can ergonomically place weights quickly, accurately and without error.

Intuitive Interface

User-friendly interface where all functions are clearly marked with picture icons. Large digits for the amount of balance weight and bright indicators for weight position.

Accurate and Quick Clamping

With the included cones or the optional stud-hole flange accessory, clamping is fast and easy.

Power Clamp

The patented electro-mechanical power clamp always clamps the wheel accurately with a constant force, which is most important for every balancing operation

Model # JBEEWB568AP (Includes Laser & Power Clamp)

Model # JBEEWB568AL (Includes Laser & Quick Clamp)