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The new Road Force® Elite from Hunter is the fastest diagnostic wheel balancer on the market and performs both a traditional balance and Road Force Measurement® in less time than it takes to complete a conventional balance.

Hunter’s patented vision system determines wheel dimensions and wheel runout measurements on the Road Force® Elite to save time, eliminate data entry errors, ensure accuracy and enhance ease-of-use. The vision system also completes a 3D scan of the wheel. This scan enhances Hunter’s patented SmartWeight® technology, making Road Force® Elite the most accurate and efficient balancer on the market. The system also features automatic spoke detection, which guides technicians to place wheel weights behind the spokes.

The Road Force® Elite is Hunter’s fifth generation design to utilize a loaded roller since the platform was introduced in 1997. The Road Force® Elite load roller applies up to 1,250 lbs. of force against the tire to measure the assembly as it would perform under the weight of the vehicle. Force Matching® guides the technician to index and match the lowest spot on the rim with the stiffest spot on the tire to capture the best possible ride and prevent comebacks.

The load roller also automatically measures lateral force with StraightTrak®, which diagnoses and solves tire pull. Tire conicity can only be measured accurately when the tire is under load, so Road Force Measurement® is a must.

The Road Force® Elite also reports to HunterNet®, Hunter's proprietary web-based data service. HunterNet® features helpful work management tools, the ability to access data in real time to track machine usage, performance and create reports.


  • Unmatched Speed
  • Vision System
  • Diagnostic Load Roller
  • Enhanced SmartWeight®
  • HunterNe®
  • CenteringCheck®
  • eCal™ Auto-Calibration
  • On-Demand Videos
  • Touchscreen Interface

Model # HUNRFE33*

*model shown - other models available